Marriage Done God’s Way


Dan + Shay – From The Ground Up

The secret to a happy marriage is two people falling madly in love with Jesus, simultaneously growing day after day, coming closer to their God, which draws them closer to each other. There is no doubt I loved my bride more than ever before when she left me for her eternal home. Some may think it was because I knew she was dying, but the truth is, it was more because of her unwavering faith. Every morning I came to our living room where I would spend quality time with God. It was easy for me; I had no ailments, no pain, all I had to do was get up, and almost always felt great. But, for my Angel it was different. She was almost always in pain, feeling nauseous, or simply drained from the effects of chemo. Yet, I would always know when she got up. I would hear Pandora turned on the TV, and hear her beautiful voice singing to Jesus. Other times I would hear her reading healing scriptures, or she would be journaling her innermost feelings. Towards the end it was so special. We had the hospital bed setup in the living room next to where I sit. She would call me when she got up, and I would go to the bedroom, pick her up and carry her to the living room, and place her in her bed. I would turn on Pandora for her, and we would quietly sit in the presence of God, simultaneously having our quiet time with the Lord. I would look over at her sometimes and just feel so blessed that God had allowed me such an honor to be married to such an amazing soul. Sometimes she would be writing in her journals, other times working on her farewell message to the world which Sam later videoed after her death, and we played at her funeral. She fought the good fight, she finished the race, she kept the faith (2 Timothy 4:7). Having a front row seat to witness her love for Jesus was the most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed, and that is why I loved my bride more in the end. This is what I want all couples to know, especially young couples just starting out in marriage. Want to fall madly in love, and have the kind of marriage you have always dreamed of. Well, this is how it’s done. This is marriage done God’s way. When we lost Kris, our bond was strengthened. When I lost my job, we came together in unity. When we went through that 1,516-day war that ended with death doing us part, through it all, our love was never stronger. You see, I hear people say how hard marriage is; how you have to work at it to make it work. I’m sorry, but that was just not my experience. We certainly had hard times, but marriage was not hard for us. We loved each other as much as two souls can, we put God first in everything thing we did, and as a result, God blessed our love until the very end. As she took her last breath I looked at my phone so I would know the exact time, then I called for the doctor to make it official. I then made this post:

On day 1,516 at 8:27 AM her battle ended. Cancer you lose! My Angel has gone on to Glory; never to suffer another day here on earth. She fought the good fight, she finished the race, she kept the faith. Victory is Mine says the Lord! Heaven has gained another Angel.

That morning half of my heart went to Heaven, yet here I sit, still in the presence of God, and my once broken heart is whole again, and still able to love. You see, we have access to the greatest Physician who ever existed, and His specialty is heart surgery. I have now undergone two heart transplants, after the deaths of my son and my wife. Want to know how amazing our God is, look no further. Let me just end with this song by Hillsong that is the beat of my heart

Over the mountains and the sea
Your river runs with love for me
And I will open up my heart
And let the Healer set me free
I’m happy to be in the truth
And I will daily lift my hands
For I will always sing of
Of when Your love came down

I could sing of Your love forever

Sing it Church!!!!

Have a blessed Lord’s Day everyone.

From my heart to yours!


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