God’s Unfailing Love


I am so grateful for these small glimpses of what awaits us for eternity; these overwhelming feelings of God’s unfailing love that just consumes my soul. The way God is just pouring out His love through His children, then the way He will just wrap His arms around me and just let me fall apart. There is just so much love here!

Yesterday a dear sister in the Lord Sue SueNami Barlow Johnson​ calls from Walmart asking if there is anything my Angel needs. My natural response is usually no; I mean, I can send Jessica Lynn Pitts​ to the store if we need anything. But God is teaching me to stop standing in the way of other peoples blessings. So, I told her just a few things that Janice may want. She shows up about an hour later with grocery bags full of items for my Angel, enough to last for weeks. Then she just sits and loves on her. What a blessing Sue has been in our lives. I remember when we wanted to have Jessica a surprise 21st birthday party, she opened up her home, and we had this amazing pool party, where my Angel in training got to receive so much love. Then last night we had the most amazing visit. Most of you know Mrs. Carol Holloway​, who recently lost her son in a car wreck. As he lie helplessly waiting for help to come, God sent this precious woman, who lived close by and heard the wreck, to just stay with him, and hold his hand in his final minutes before he went to be with Jesus. Mrs. Carol, had just visited with this special lady and afterwards God led her to come by our home, and hold my Angels hand and love on her. From the moment Mrs. Carol walked in, she sat at my Angel’s bedside and just held her hand, gently stroking it with her other hand.. As Janice lay there, with this peaceful look on her face, she told Mrs. Carol how soothing her presence was. As I looked at Mrs. Carol, the spirit of the Living God was all over her, in her, and around her. It was so evident that Jesus was walking with her, and it brought back so many memories as I had a very similar experience after we lost our son. When we need God the most, He will show up in amazing ways. As most of you know Sue also lost a son several years ago in a motorcycle wreck. I guess we all have that bond of losing a son, but the strongest bond we have, is the relationships we have in Christ. You see, these tragedies could have easily destroyed our lives, but when we search for the LORD and for His strength; when we continually seek Him, (Psalm 105:4), we emerge from times of devastation, and are able minister in ways that will ultimately bring Him glory.

If you see nothing else from following our journey, I pray you see how amazing our God is. Sure, He could do all of these things Himself, but in His love for us, He allows us to partake in His work; not so we would get any glory, but through our lives He would be glorified; and as a result, we are then blessed beyond words. It’s all about God’s unending love for us. This song by Kari Jobe is the thing we as humans just cannot fathom; What Love Is This? You know, I cannot explain it; it defies all explanation. But it sure is amazing both, when we allow ourselves to be the vessel through which His blessings are delivered; as well as when we are lying there feeling hopeless, His love has a way of penetrating the darkness, and consumes our soul with unending peace and joy. To God be the glory forever and ever! Amen. Galatians 1:5

As I got ready to post this message I hear a call from the bedroom, it was my Angel wanting to know if my quiet time is over. It wasn’t, but the Lord let me know it was ok to check on her. She was ready to come in the living room, and get her day started. She wanted me to help her get setup so she could take her meds,, eat some fruit, and read her devotional. She said she slept good and I see a little life in her eyes. We are off to a good start; Lord, we submit this day to you. May our lives be pleasing in your sight. AMEN!

From my heart to yours!


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