Making Precious Memories


Ever wonder what love looks like. Last night was tough on my Angel. We came so close to not making it. As we got ready to walk out the front door she collapsed and just laid on our porch stairs until she got enough strength to make it to the car. She even told me, I need to cancel. But, she knew there were these amazing people waiting to love on her, and she just could not let them down. Once we got on the highway, I just held her hand and prayed with her all the way to the restaurant. God gave her just enough strength to get these pictures taken, then we had to leave. How she was able to find a smile is beyond me. You ever want to see the power of God, well my friends, you are looking at it. Just look at those smiles! When we got home I knew she could not walk in the house, so I did something I have not done since we were in our 20’s. I took her my arms and carried her from the car all the way to the bed. I was huffing and puffing, but God helped me make it.

For those who came out last night, my cup runneth over. If you only knew how much last night meant to her. Now we have these amazing pictures (precious memories) that we can treasure for the rest of our lives.

Last night ended with me sitting at her bedside reading the cards that friends had given to her, and a few even shared what they could spare to help with our trip to Hawaii. I am not going to tell who gave what, just know EVERY gift is greatly appreciated. Thanks to EVERYONE who wanted to help make her dream of going to Maui come true. Lord willing, on November 15th – 19th you will see pictures of a blessing you were a part of.

From my heart to yours!