Love Conquer’s All


Greetings from Philly! My Angel is up and seems to be doing good. She is eating breakfast and watching cartoons. She takes Jesus’ words in Matthew 18:3 serious, “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” lol

We check in to have labs drawn at 11 am, followed by our meeting with Dr. Topolski. If her blood work is ok, she will begin this 3rd round of chemo this afternoon.

We both got a great nights rest, and woke up to a beautiful blue sky. I had the best dream. We had been invited to some event. When we arrived, we were surprised that the event was actually in Janice’s honor. People started coming by where we were sitting and started giving her money, some small, and others large sums. I started to stop them, because we really didn’t need the money, and the Lord spoke to me and said, “Let them love on her, I have sent them.” I did as He asked, and when everyone was through coming by, I asked Janice to kneel with me and I began thanking God for the gifts we had just received. As I was praying, notable people in my life surrounded us and started praying with us. All of a sudden this anointing came over me and I ended the prayer and began ministering to the crowd. I felt this super-human power to do the will of God. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, this demon possessed man fell or was thrown from above. The place was filled with so much love, and people went to the man and started checking on him. As he came to, he started using vulgar language; he was confused and had no idea how he got there. I went over to the man, and the love of Christ, radiating from the crowd just consumed him. I told the crowd to give me a few moments alone with him. They all prayed as I shared the love of Christ with Him. The dream ended when I presented Him to the crowd as a new brother in Christ, and I woke up.

Thank you Lord for such a blessed dream. I believe the gifts in the dream represented your prayers. We are both blessed and strengthened by every prayer, big and small. And it is your prayers that strengthens me to be able to minister in a mighty way. Lord knows there are times I get weak, but each time, your prayers strengthens me to be the Caregiver my Angel needs and deserves. I believe the demon possessed man represents this cancer, and the damming effects it can have on my Angel. But, no matter how ugly things may get, in the end, LOVE CONQUERS ALL!

Now we are ready for an amazing day. I pray you all have a wonderful day, full of the grace of our Lord.

From my heart to yours!


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