We Will Serve the Lord

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Want to see our young adults come to know the Lord; live a life in front of them that shows them the kind of life they will WANT to have. Show them a faith in God that encourages them to KNOW they can trust in our God. Words are cheap if they are not backed up by actions. My Angel and I have been on a faith walk in recent years, and it has been my prayer that our children have this opportunity to witness that the very same God that is blessing our lives, in these darkest of times, is the very same God who will walk with them through EVERY challenge they will ever face in this life.

This week Jessica settled in her heart, that she is a child of the King. Janice and I have known for a long time where she was spiritually, but God did not appoint us as her judge, He appointed us as her earthly parents, to live a life that would point her to her Heavenly Father. Since Jess was a teenager, Janice and I have prayed that she would come to know Jesus in a real and personal way. We never tried to beat her over the head with a Bible, or force her to go to Church. We are not the Holy Spirit, and we simply trusted God to do what He did this week, and feel so extremely blessed to know we will now spend eternity together.

If you learn nothing else from following our journey; I hope you see the power of prayer. Yesterday Prayer got my Angel out of bed, and she was able to actually walk in the Church and watch our baby girl be baptized. We could not stay long; Janice is still in recovery mode from chemo. But, once again God honored our prayers, as He has done time and time again. We serve a God who loves to bless His children. Yes, life can be hard! But one thing we can be sure of is, we NEVER have to go through a single moment of our struggle alone.

From my heart to Yours!


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