Anything is Possible


JOY unspeakable FAITH unsinkable LOVE unstoppable


How does she do it! Tumors in her abdomen, back and pelvic area, chemo running through her body, and still finds a smile like this. Let me tell you where it comes from; it begins when she is lying in bed so weak, tired and soar she can hardly move. She turns on Pandora and let’s the worship begin. She then takes out her prayer journal, which is loaded with healing scriptures, and claims the promises of our God. Day by day she calls on the ONLY One who can heal her from this dreadful disease, and slowly but surely that beautiful smile will emerge.

I look over at her this morning and she is just radiant. She has such a peaceful look on her face. No doubt the angels are ministering to her as she sleeps. I know there are many of you out there in your own battles. Let me encourage you to turn to our God and let Him meet your needs. Just because you have a life-threatening illness does not mean your life is over. There is only One giver and taker of life; and it is He and He alone who says when a persons journey is over. So, ask the Lord for the strength to not just fight, but to LIVE. It is the little victories He will give you that will encourage you, and give you the strength to strive for the bigger victories. Right now, I know Hawaii seems like a long shot for us. She can barely make the flights here to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America- Eastern Regional Medical Center​. But, you wait and see. We serve a mighty big God, and I’m believing and trusting He will make it happen; and in the mean time, we are going to continue praising our King for the great things He has and continues to do in our lives.

Father, we pray for those struggling this morning. God, you know the name a every soul reading this. I pray for those in the battles and those you have chosen as their caregivers. Lord, give them strength to fight, power to overcome their struggles, and above all, wisdom to know what You need them to do, to emerge from their battles in victory. Father, I thank you for those You have called to be prayer warriors. May you keep them strong, as they hit their knees, crying out for those You have placed on their hearts to bring before Your throne. Lord, we LOVE You, We PRAISE You, We HONOR You today and we are so blessed to know that we can bring our burdens before You, lay them at Your feet, and leave them there, knowing You are a faithful God. Your Holy Word says that You will NEVER leave us, nor will You EVER forsake us. What comfort that is to know that the very God of this Universe, has our lives securely in Your most capable hands. Now God, we ask that You simply do what you do best; take care of Your children. We ask these things in the Holy Name of Jesus, AMEN.

From my heart to yours!


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