Love Will Get Us There

riding shotgun

We are off on another amazing adventure to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America- Eastern Regional…​ today. I have an appointment with a specialist at the VA, (for my knee), then off to the airport we go. This will be our last trip for about three weeks. Next week, Janice will get her chemo at Dr. Seago’s (St. Dominic’s), then she will get another week off. So, we will not fly back to CTCA until October 10th.

This has been a very different year for us. Those who have followed our journey know by now we would normally be getting ready to take another Carnival cruise somewhere. Cruising is something we fell in love with back in 2010, and have been on 6 since then, all while my Angel has been fighting for her life. But, this year her health has just not allowed her to travel like she could in the past, plus, for our next adventure, we are praying for Hawaii. We just have to get her healthy enough for the long flight. We are hoping for around Christmas time when our Center closes for Winter Break. But, whether that day comes or not is really out of our control, so I will not worry about it (Matthew 6:34). I guess that is why these trips to CTCA mean so much to me. Who would have ever thought flying 1200 miles for cancer treatments would be something to look forward to! But, I have decided to just enjoy each and EVERY day the Lord allows us to be together, and savor EVERY adventure. Because, no matter where we are going, as long as my Angel is riding shotgun, we can go ANYWHERE and I WILL count it as a blessing from Heaven above.

From my heart to yours!


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