The Power of Prayer


Ever stop to wonder how you came to know us. Well, let me share how our paths crossed. 1,428 days ago my Angel called to tell me her doctor said she had cervical cancer. What that meant was we were headed into a war with an unknown enemy. You talk about two people who knew absolutely nothing about cancer; let alone the countless battles that would lie ahead. But, one thing we did know was where to turn. Those who have read my book, which is essentially my life’s testimony (Read free pdf version here) know that although this battle was new to us, trusting God certainly was not.

The first thing I did was to begin praying for wisdom to know what to do, and that is where many of you came in. Right away I knew we were in the fight of our lives, and would need to build an army of prayer warriors to help us fight. So, over a nearly 4-year period, our army has really grown. I think Johnetta Russ​ from Baton Rogue was one of the first God showed me. When I saw the previews to War Room​, I thought to myself, that woman praying Heaven down, that is just how I see sister Russ when I pray. I know without a shadow of a doubt each time I ask for prayer, she gets Heavens attention. What a blessing God put in our lives back in 2011. Then we met Peggy Prather​, our dear sister in the Lord, also from Baton Rogue. God called her to be our encourager, and what a blessing she has been in our lives; always making such sweet comments, just when we need them most. And of course, Samantha Barnes King​, who made my wife her precious prayer shawl that has kept her wrapped in prayer one hospital stay after another. I could go on and on, and I am sure I will in my next book, but I know you all have things to do today so I will stop. Point being, you are not here by accident. You are reading this message because God put you in our path for a reason. For some, it was to a a part of this powerful prayer network, and for others you are here to learn about the Mighty Power of our God. As my new friends Philip and Sharon Mooney​ have learned, our lives can change in an instant. I am so thankful they are trusting in our God, because it is He and He alone who can help them. Please continue to lift this precious couple up, as Sharon is fighting a nasty infection, and they need us on our knees, calling on our Father to help her through this trying time.

Friends, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your faithfulness in praying for us. Next month will be four years we have been in this war, and we have experienced many, many, amazing moments as God has continually honored our prayers. 7 surgeries you have prayed for us, and 7 times my Angel left the hospital with hope in the future. After this past visit to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America- Eastern Regional Medical Center​ we really feel hopeful, as this was the best report we have had in a long time, and my Angel actually felt good, other than the pain, for most of the trip. We were also given hope that some of the surgical things she is now having to live with, can be reversed in time, and what a blessing that was to hear. Let me just end with this amazing scripture that has become our very way of life, and is the best advice I can give to anyone facing a trial in their own lives. “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.”

From my heart to yours!


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