Stay Amazed


When I am in “this world” I feel small, insignificant, and unimportant. I guess by this world’s standards I am. So, it’s a good thing I could really care less what this world thinks about me. I have never been a people pleaser; As long as I am pleasing my God, that is all that really matters. You see, we are to be in this world, but not of it. (Romans 12:2) That is why it is so crucial that we spend time with our God daily, allow Him to equip us for the day’s journey, thus empowering us to face any circumstance that may come our way. I know for me personally, each morning I enter “His world” and I feel larger than life, my life has meaning, and my presence makes a difference. Our presence in these two worlds is determined by how we enter them. Yes, they are the same place, but the difference is, in one we are simply existing, while the other we are living.

When we start our day’s journey without spending time with God, it’s like taking off on a 24 hour trip, with our gas tank on empty, and not stopping for gas. We will end up on the side of the road, or find ourselves trying to push our car to the nearing gas station. Not a great way to start a day! But when we fuel up, check the oil and tires, and fix any other maintenance issues before we begin our journey; we can go about our travels without having to worry, instead of looking at that needle on empty, just wondering when the engine is going to turn off.

I am never more in “His world” than when we come here to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, I feel like I am in the mission field. It feels like everywhere I go, Jesus is just so close, as the Holy Spirit is leading and guiding me through my day. Here I feel led to minister everywhere I go. I constantly find myself trying to encourage other cancer patients, especially their Caregivers, to stay strong and trust in the Lord. I feel like a Chaplain here, and it just feels so amazing to be doing the work of the Lord.

But whether I am here or back home, it really doesn’t matter; what matters is how I start my day. One thing I can guarantee you, if we will simply make time for our God, He WILL will be there with open arms, ready to fill us with EVERYTHING we need to have a meaningful and prosperous day. You may think you don’t need Him today, but trust me when I tell you, tomorrow may be very different; and it is so much easier to call on a God we know well, opposed to One we have no relationship with.

Just a little food for thought on this beautiful Lord’s Day. My Angel is already up and getting dressed. I guess she forgot she just got chemo yesterday. She just amazes me!

Speaking of amazing, how about joining me this morning as we share our hearts with His with this beautiful song:

O Holy God, I stay amazed
You are so much more than words could ever say
O Holy God, I pour out my praise
On the One who never ceases to amaze

From my heart to yours!


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