A Single Spark Can Start a Fire


Oh, what a sweet time it is this morning in the presence of God. His love has filled this room. We may have a challenging day ahead, but here, now, in His presence, none of that matters. He is letting me know He is near, that we have nothing to fear. We need not be dismayed, for He is our God. He will strengthen us and help us; He will uphold us with His righteous right hand. (Psalm 41:10) The promises in His Word are just scrolling through my mind, and I am just in awe of how amazing He is.

Today’s message will simply be a praise report. As I told ya’ll Saturday, my daughter came to me and said she wanted to go to Church, and asked if I had any suggestions. The Holy Spirit immediately revealed to me where, CenterPoint Church​, and I asked her who she was going with. She said no one, she just felt she needed to be in Church. I wanted to cry, as my prayers were being answered before my very eyes. I told her if I wouldn’t embarrass her, I would love to go with her. Oh, this brought back memories of when she was around 10 years old; Janice was not feeling well one Sunday, and I took her to Cornerstone Church in Jackson and we had this amazing father/daughter day. Well, Sunday was pretty much the same, only she is 24 now, and as you all know, a beautiful young lady.

As the service started I looked over to Jessica, and noticed that she really seemed to be enjoying the worship. The worship leader was about her age, and I knew the Lord had led us to the right place. As we were leaving the sanctuary, we were talking to the Pastor. I explained my daughter was looking for a Church home, and he excitedly invited her back. She told him she had to work every other Sunday, but did plan to come back when she could. Now for the praise; Jessica and a co-worker were talking and Jessica was telling her about Sunday. Her co-worker said she really wanted to get her children in Church, but they both had to work rotating Sunday’s. So, they both went to their manager and told her that they wanted to go to Church on Sunday’s and asked if anything could be done. So get this; their manager told them they don’t have to come in until 1 pm on Sunday’s, so they can still go to Church. So, Jessica and her co-worker and children plan to visit CenterPoint again this Sunday. Not even a member and already inviting people to Church. Thank you Jesus! If this Church sounds familiar, a couple months ago I posted when my nephew, and my niece’s oldest daughter got baptized out at a lake. I saw pictures and videos where around 20 people got baptized that day, and I thought, now that is different. The scene reminded me of John the Baptist baptizing all who wanted to be saved. Since then, I have wanted to visit this Church, and I am so glad the Lord gave me a Sunday off from Janice’s treatments so I could go with Jessica. I can’t wait to see where this road leads for her. With everything that is going on with her mother, I am so grateful that she is seeking God, and I pray this will be the Church home she so desperately needs.

From myheart to yours!


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