Finding His Sweet Peace


I am just loving the way the Lord is waking me up lately. I am having such vivid, amazing dreams, which are giving me hope for things I have prayed for many years. I was at this person’s home and was asked to pray. As I closed my eyes and began praying, this person, who I have never seen pray in their entire life, grabs my hand and holds tightly as I pray. When i open my eyes, I see who it is, as another person in the room looks over to me with tears in their eyes and tells me that this person wants to be saved. So I leads this person through the sinner’s prayer and afterwards am embraced tightly as tears flowed from their eyes. I then ask if they want to be baptized and am excitedly told yes, and they want me to perform the baptism. I then ask if they want to be baptized in a Church or like Jesus, in a River. They said the latter and I began planning things in my mind. It was about this time I woke up, and all I could say was, Thank You Lord for such an amazing dream.

I am not sure what is happened to me, but the more time I spend with God, the closer I am feeling to Him. There is a deepening of our relationship that is unlike anything I have experienced before. I used to read about these things from well known men and women of God, and never really understood it. I guess I have always just felt so inferior to other Christians I never really expected to ever get this close. It’s like I am finally becoming the man God created me to be.

2015 will forever go down as the year that I was driven into the arms of God. Up until this year my Angel’s battle has had little effect on our lives. Previously, we were able to just follow doctors orders and were still able to live a pretty normal life. But, beginning January 2nd of this year, we have been in a non-stop battle, that has has really hindered our way of life. This has really caused me to spend extended time in God’s presence, really just to keep me sane. Someone sent me a text yesterday asking about my Angel, and commented that I am her rock; meaning that she leans on me for strength, comfort, and encouragement. This is why it is so important that I stay in tune with our God, listen to His instructions daily, and follow the plan He has just for us.

As a result of the time I have spent with our Father this year, I have never felt more peace in my life. Yes, I realize there is a storm blowing through; but each day God gives me a spirit of peace which allows me to make wise decisions, which will hopefully one day help bring about a complete healing of this dreadful disease called cancer.

Friends, I know there are many of you in your own storms of life. Let me encourage you today; God wants nothing more than to help you through your struggles. But, as I have learned myself, He expects “us” to come to Him, not some preacher; not some brother or sister. who we think are more mature in Christ. God wants us, His children to come to Him personally; to become the person we never dreamed we would ever become. Do you realize that God loves you just as much as He love Billy Graham. Let that soak in for just a minute. Unlike man, God does not have favorites; we are all His children, and He wants nothing more than to build that personal love relationship with Him that, will deepen our love for Him, and will give us a peace in our storms that passes all understanding. (Philippians 4:7)

From my heart to Yours!


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