What Faith Can Do


I just love the way the Holy Spirit leads. This morning I was sitting here talking to the Lord about something my Angel said to me last night; she asked me if I thought she was dying. She said she felt like her body was giving up. So, I ask the Lord, “Where is this coming from? This does not sound like her at all.” Then I hear the lyrics of this song (Hunger for Holiness) in my mind. Yes, a song from the early 90’s. I was like, Lord, where did that come from? One of the verses says,

The tempter stalks about me as a lion
Searching for the slightest scent of blood
For when the skin of my resistance is broken
He moves in swiftly to deepen the cut.

The devil is trying to take advantage of me being away from home, and while she is home alone, recovering from her latest chemo treatment, he has tried to move in and is steadily feeding her lies. Well, you know what devil. My God is there with my Angel and you don’t have a chance, so stop wasting your time. You can spew your lies all you want; OUR GOD WILL PREVAIL!!!!!

Carman was the first Christian concert Janice and I went to back in 1993. But, I had not thought of him in years, let alone heard that he had battled cancer. Then the Holy Spirit put these lyrics in my mind, which led me to this song, which led me to his testimony. Read his incredible story of victory below.

Carman’s Facebook Post:

THE DIFFERENCE ONE YEAR CAN MAKE: (L) Deep in chemo. (R) 9 months later before walking on stage. I remember so well washing my hair after the 3rd week of chemotherapy and seeing it all come off in my hands in clumps. I remember the agony of that giant needle in my sternum to draw out stem cells. The ports they planted in my chest to daily inject drugs. The mind numbing pain of my bones expanding to produce stem cells. Sleeping in the bathroom for days because I’d throw up so often. The dry heaves. The violent stomach cramps. Gaining 15 pounds in 3 days on chemo. Losing 30 pounds in 5 days because I couldn’t hold down a glass of water. The claustrophobic 2 hour MRI’s in that giant plastic tube. I remember one winter night catching pneumonia with no immune system and coming within inches of leaving this world. But I also remember Gods grace. I remember never getting angry or depressed. Never feeling abandoned or hopeless. It was the valley of the shadow of death but I feared no evil. I remember the commitment I made to my Facebook and Kickstarter supporters to be on 100 stages across America in 9 months singing the gospel. I remember the belief you all had in me that held my mind together, kept me strong, focused and peaceful. Today I’m strong and Cancer free.

My Angel, I believe God just gave us the answer to your question. He is a God of miracles, and He has one with your name on it. Just keep trusting in Him. I will be home tomorrow, but you better believe I have bound that devil and commanded in Jesus’ Name that he leave our home. So, hold your head up high, and just like Carman, claim your VICTORY in Jesus’ Holy Name.

From my heart to yours!


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