Trust in You


It is so easy to say we trust in the Lord, but then that test comes and we get the opportunity to see how much we truly believe what we say we believe. Today, I get such an opportunity and with your prayers this will be an experience that will hopefully deepen the level of my faith. For the first time in this 1,404-day war, I am trusting the personal care of my Angel into the hands of another. Just prior to our last trip to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America​ I had volunteered to go to South Carolina for a week to help relocate some of our graduates. The person who usually goes could not go, and they were really needing someone to assist my co-worker. It is really something I should be doing anyway, but my superiors have been understanding of my situation and have not pressured me to go. But, now that Jessica Lynn Pitts​ is living at home again, I felt comfortable that she and Samantha Ashley​ could help their mom while I was away.

But then, when we were at CTCA last week, and we were presented with the new chemo treatment options, we had no choice but to go to weekly treatments. I had honestly forgotten about the trip at work that I had committed to; when I am there I am focused on Janice Rutledge Pitts​ and nothing else. So, when I finally realized what I had done, at first I started to panic. How in the world would I be at two places at once. My company had already made my flight and hotel arrangements and they were counting on me. So, I went to the Lord right there in the hallway of the hospital. I asked the Lord to please show me what to do. I had to make flight arrangements for the next two trips to CTCA, and needed His wisdom immediately. Then, all of a sudden this calm came over me as He gave me my answer, Jessica! So, I called her and asked if she was off work the next Friday (today), and told her what I would need her to do. She did not hesitate a moment, and was more than happy to accompany her mother on today’s trip. What a sigh of relief! You know I will be Facetiming them often to walk Jessica through the many things she will need to know, but I WILL trust our God to path the way for a great trip, and a wonderful mother/daughter bonding time. You guys, I know you are always so faithful in praying for Janice, but please be in prayer for Jessica big time; she has never flown before, and she will be exposed to things on this trip that I have shielded her from these last several years. She has never really had to see how bad it gets at times, but three days of taking care of her mother, she will certainly have experiences like she has never had before. But, I know through our prayers she will do fine. She is an amazing young woman and I could not be more proud of her.

Well, I better get ready now. I have to leave the house at 3:00 am. My ride at work is taking me to the airport at 3:30 am. Yep! it will be a loooooong day. As always your prayers are much coveted.

From my heart to yours!


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