Let Him Set You Free


This morning the Lord wants me to talk about something that seems to grip so many people, and that’s FEAR; fear of the unknown. Lord knows we have been down that road a few times. What we have learned is the best way to overcome our fears is to face them head on, and most important of all, do it standing on the promises of God. The Bible is loaded with verses on overcoming fear http://www.openbible.info/topics/fear_and_anxiety. There are so many because throughout our lives we will certainly face those many challenging moments that we simply have no control over; and it’s in these moments we discover the true level of our faith, and what we really believe about our God.

Just try being told you have cancer or some other life-threatening disease and see what happens. It’s scary because we realize, all of a sudden, we are powerless against such things. But, it is in these circumstances we have the opportunity to discover what an amazingly powerful God we serve. I just love how my Angel handles these things. When we were at the Cancer Treatment Center last time, and we got the not so good news that a new tumor had formed, and the one that is causing so much damage has actually increased in size, she did not bat an eye. She didn’t break down and cry, or even look a bit worried for that matter. When our Oncologist told her what we needed to do, she was ready to do it then. Why? Because we have placed this deal in God’s hands, and we have prayed that He give these doctors wisdom on the best way to beat this dreaded disease. So, we are trusting their plan, is His plan, and as long as we follow that, there is really nothing to worry about; God has this thing under control, and no amount of worrying is going to make things better or make her healing come any faster.

There is simply FREEDOM from worry when we fully place our trust in God. I think we have just come to understand there is absolutely nothing we can do to beat cancer. But, we absolutely do know the One who can. So, if you are facing the unknown in your own life, I pray you will join us in claiming the many promises of God, and allow our hearts to trust like the Psalmist when he wrote, “When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.” Psalm 56:3

From my heart to yours!


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