The Feeling of Eternal Love


When our cars battery won’t start, we find another source of power to recharge our battery, and hopefully it will then function properly on it’s own. It really just depends on what was wrong with the battery. If we left our lights on and just drained the battery, it is an easy fix. But. sometimes the battery is just old and won’t hold a charge anymore and must be replaced. This is the condition of our heart. Sometimes we just need something to remind us of how we loved in the beginning, and we can easily rekindle the love that was growing cold. But, other times, the love just doesn’t seem to be there any longer, and we feel completely empty inside. In marriage, both of these REQUIRE action. Ignoring the problem certainly won’t fix it, and unfortunately what happens is, one or possible both will start looking for a new car, instead of just fixing the one they have; when all it would have taken is a simple battery (heart) replacement.

Friends, there is absolutely nothing that will jump-start your heart quicker than your spouse getting diagnosed with a potentially terminal illness. All of a sudden, your hopes and your dreams become your immediate future, rather that something you plan to do one day in your golden years. Because, you are faced with the harsh reality that those golden years may never come. When this happened to me, I knew I needed help and immediately went to the One who has always been my refuge and strength. I started spending quality time with Him, and begged for Him to give me a heart like His. One where I could love my Angel the way she deserves to be loved; and what a gift He has given me! To say my heart burns for her would be an understatement. I spend every waking hour, seeking God’s wisdom to help my Angel beat this dreaded disease; and I want nothing more than to fill her life with as much joy as humanly possible. This has been the most difficult year for us, because, so far Janice has not felt up to traveling or taking any trips; and because we have both missed so much work, we have to save what vacation days we have left for treatments. But, I believe in my heart of hearts this is just temporary, and 2016 we WILL get back on track with completing Janice’s bucket list of going to Hawaii, then Italy. God willing, these dreams will come true.

So, my question is, why should it take our loved ones being diagnosed with a potentially terminal illness for our hearts to wake up and realize how much they mean to us? It shouldn’t! So, ask yourself, is my heart burning for my spouse? Don’t buy into the lie that our love is supposed to cool down over the years. I agree, that our love changes, but it should get deeper, and grow stronger, not the other way around. If the answer to this question is no, there is no need to worry, but it will take a visit to the hospital and have your heart checked. The great news is, those of us who know Jesus as Lord, have instant access to the greatest Heart Surgeon who ever lived. And He is ready and willing to begin surgery any time you are ready. Friends, as a recipient of one of these heart transplants, I can tell you it is well worth it. I can honestly say I love my wife so much more today, than the day we married. We have had a lifetime of amazing experiences we have shared together, that have bonded us in such a powerful way. There is a reason I call her my Angel. God put her in my life at a time when I needed rescued, and her faithful love, through good times and bad, has made me into the man I am today. Everything great that has happened in my life, she has been right there loving me, encouraging me, and giving me the desire to make her proud. She was simply “undeserved grace” that God gave me, and is a gift I will be eternally grateful for. Let me leave you with this quote by Lamila and I pray you allow God to put this kind of love in your heart, because there is NOTHING more amazing this side of Heaven, than feeling this way about the one we get to spend eternity with. “Love is like an eternal flame, once it is lit, it will continue to burn for all time.”

From my heart to yours!


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