An Act of Love

Paul McCain Baptism

Suppose you knew you were down to your final days here on earth; what would you say to those you love? What final message would you want to leave them? I told you all last week, Paul had asked me why did I think God was keeping him here. I told him that was a question only God could answer, and it seems He got his answer. I got a call yesterday around lunch time from my sister letting me know that Paul wanted to be baptized, and wanted Janice and I to be there. Oh, how that call blessed my heart! As a final act of love Paul wanted his family and friends to witness him being baptized, so that we could be assured he is going to be with Jesus. He could not get out of bed so a family friend, Ricky Myers performed this beautiful ceremony, surrounded by a room full of people whose lives were forever changed.

This was a first for me; a bedside baptism. What a beautiful heart God put into this man. He is getting ready to transition to his eternal home and all he is worried about is family and friends. I bet the first thing he is going to do when he sees Jesus, is ask Him to please heal my Angel. They have developed such a special bond as they have simultaneously fought their battles with cancer. As I told Paul last night, his act of love will change many lives, and what a blessing it will be to lay those crowns at Jesus’ feet.

One thing I noticed last night was just how peaceful Paul was, and how that peace just seemed to rest on everyone in the room. Yes, there were many happy tears shed, but it was not a time of sorrow, but rather a time of joy. I can’t speak for everyone, but I felt like the Spirit of God had rested on this packed room, and we knew we were in the presence of a Holy God. Last night Paul gave one last act of obedience to our Lord, and I have no doubt there were lives changed for eternity. You see, Paul knew where he will spend eternity; he and the Lord settled that many years ago. This final act of obedience was for someone, perhaps you. I believe God, through Paul’s example wants us all to examine our relationship with Him, and ask ourselves, do we know, that we know, that we know, where we will spend eternity. If not, God wants us to be like Paul, and leave this world leaving no doubt in anyones mind where they will go once they leave this place.

Thank you Paul McCain for your obedience to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It has been an honor to watch you these last few weeks, as you have shown us all what is truly important in this life, and the ONLY thing that really matters in the end. I have no doubt Jesus has a big ole smile on His face, and could not be more proud. You have fought the good fight, you have finished the race, you have kept the faith. You have blessed ALL who have known you, and thank you for the gift you gave us, of knowing with certainty, we will spend eternity praising our God together.

From my heart to yours!


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