Appreciation for Life


We are now at a point in our lives where we are simply enjoying being here, being together, and getting the most out of every moment the Lord allows us to experience. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s cruising in the caribbean, or just riding the backroads home like we did Saturday, we are just amazed at how beautiful this life can be. I think when we or a loved one come face to face with our own immortality, we just begin to see things differently. We begin to understand just how short our time here is, and all these petty things we stress over, really just don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. As we sat with my brother-in-law Saturday, a man who has been told his time here on earth is almost over, he asked me why do I think he is still here; he felt like God was keeping him alive for a reason. Well, that is something I could not answer; I am not God. But what I did tell him was to just enjoy EVERY second he is here. He is right; God is allowing him to be here for a reason, so take in ALL the love he is experiencing. My guess is God in His mercy is simply giving him and his loved ones a precious gift; one last opportunity to share himself with those he loves. So he shouldn’t waste a single moment of that time wondering when he is going to his eternal home, just enjoy these bonus days he is given, and when his time is over, into Jesus’ loving arms he will go.

I don’t know where you are today in your journey, but let me encourage you to slow things down, and just enjoy being here. Yes! Life can be hard I know. My Angel has been battling for her life for 1,372 days now. She has been through six surgeries, and now going through chemo for the 5th time. Every three weeks she knows what awaits her (chemo, doctors visits, ect.), so we take every moment she is feeling good to just enjoy life. Since 2010 we have been on 6 cruises and seen some of the most beautiful places on this planet; we have taken mini-vacations to Mobile, Destin, Biloxi, and New Orleans (2x); we have been on multiple camping trips with my parents and other family; and this year has been one of much travel, as we have now been to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Philadelphia 4 times now and counting, and each trip we find a way to make it an adventure. Those are just the trips away from home; but even when we are here, we still find things to do when Janice is feeling up to it. Even if it’s just a movie and a nice dinner somewhere, we do what we can, when we can; because we know it’s only a matter of time when those days of sickness and weakness will visit my Angel again. I can’t even begin to tell you what joy we have had the last couple weekends since I got the convertible; just watching Janice riding, with her hair blowing in the wind. I look over and I don’t see someone battling cancer, I see someone who is just loving life; and soaking in every moment the Lord is giving her. When we can get there my friends, in that place of appreciation for the life we have been given, that is where the magic happens, and what makes this life worth living.

From my heart to yours!


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