The Man I Want to Be


Janice has always told me that she dreamed about me before we ever met. But me knowing me, I always felt surely her dream was better than that. Then one day I realized what she had was not a dream, but rather a vision of the man I would one day become; the man who would one day be one she would be proud to call her husband; a man who would love her with every fiber of his being, and treat her like the queen she was born to be. I am not quite there yet, but each day that is my mission in life; to come into the presence of God and let Him continue to mold me and shape me into the man of God I was born to be. Sometimes I think I can’t love this woman any more than I already do, but I always prove myself wrong. Because, until I become that man she saw in her vision, there is room for my love to grow. Whether I ever get there or not remains to be seen, but this I know, it sure makes life so sweet to have a heart that is always burning with passion for the one who makes this life worth living. I know after 26 years things are supposed to cool off, but I feel like a teenager madly in love with his high school sweetheart, and I pray this feeling never goes away, because it sure makes every waking day one to look forward to.

From my heart to yours!


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