When God’s Blessings Flow

as I Look Back

Sometimes I have to pinch myself, surely I must be dreaming. I look around me and I see couples breaking up, some who have been together for decades. How is it that I have been with my best friend this side of Heaven for 26 years now, and never been more madly in love? I told her yesterday she just looked radiant, and looks younger than she did 15 years ago. I thought cancer was supposed to take your life away, not give you more of it. She completely wore me out yesterday. Usually, the day after chemo we just lie around the house, but we were on the road for most of the day. She has once again been inspired to start painting. She gets these pictures in her mind, and just has to put them on canvas. So we got in the Porsche, with the top down and headed to Michael’s where she stocked up on supplies. Then she wanted to go visit my parents, so we went and had a nice visit. This was the first time they had seen her since Christmas, and seeing them greet each other really made my heart smile. We got home around 5:30 pm and I finally got a chance to relax. But, I am not complaining, just to look over and see the joy on her face as we drove down the road; she was taking pictures of the sky, just taking in all of God’s beautiful creation. That is the picture my mind will always remember; such a beautiful picture of someone just enjoying the gift of life, and experiencing the beauty therein.

I believe I am where i am for one reason; at the first of this year I made a commitment to meet with God every morning; and I am just receiving the fruit of that commitment. If you have never tried it, I challenge you to make God a priority in your life. It has been so amazing how He has been with me through every struggle, every challenge we have faced this year. Oh, and the blessings we have received, both physical and spiritual! I know from the outside looking in, it may appear that 2015 has been a very difficult year. It is the first since 2010 that we have not been able to take a cruise or some other amazing vacation. Two major surgeries in February and April, and the aftermath of both have kept us from doing much. But, because of these things I have never felt closer to God. As the Psalmist wrote, “for I have always been mindful of your unfailing love and have lived in reliance on your faithfulness.” My faith has grown by leaps and bounds as God has continued to reveal Himself to us in real and powerful ways. My Angel may miss a day or two this week. I mean chemo is going to do what chemo does. But, compared to times past, it has been like night and day.

Father, I know I have a good thing going right now, and I recognize it is ONLY because of Your unfailing love of us. So, please help me to ALWAYS recognize the True Gift Giver, and point people to the One who is so richly blessing our lives. May I be ever-mindful of those who are struggling and faithful in praying for them. I ONLY want others to know that no matter the struggle, there is an amazing life to be lived, when we put our faith and trust in You. Now I pray that You bless this week ahead, and may Your will be accomplished in our lives. I pray these things in the Blessed and Holy Name of Jesus, AMEN!

From my heart to yours!


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