Discovering Who We Are


How many of us waste year after year tying to become something or be someone we were never meant to be. My hand would be amongst the first to be raised. For years I tried to answer everyone’s call but my own. I looked around at all these people with all these amazing gifts and thought, if I could only be more like them. When all the while God was screaming, that is not who I created you to be. But, then one day I finally heard His voice in my spirit and it became clear as day.

Since that day my life has never been the same. I have had this freedom to just be myself. I may never become some famous Author, but if one article I write helps someone, that is all that matters.

Friends, EVERY child of God has a purpose in this life. But, He is the only one who can reveal what that purpose is. I CANNOT tell you what your calling is. Some book or class CANNOT tell you your calling. We find out our calling by spending time with our Father, and allowing Him to daily teach us, mold and shape us into the perfect creation He made us to be. My mother recently told me she couldn’t believe my writing ability, especially given how academically challenged I have always been; and she is absolutely right. But like I told her, I have a lot of help. Trust me, this is not me alone. But, that’s how I know it is God. Because I can ONLY write these articles while I am in the presence of God. Kind of like when I preach; I am a horrible orator, but when I pray and give it all to Him, the Holy Spirit takes over and I am able to preach God’s Word with authority. It’s important to remember if we can do it on our own, it is probably not God. Because a God-sized assignment will always go beyond our own ability, and when we do it, we will know, IT WAS GOD!

from my heart to yours!


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