When the Heart Smiles

Oh, yesterday afternoon you should have seen her face light up when I picked her up in front of her building in the Porsche with the convertible top let down. That smile alone was worth more to me than she will ever know. For most of our marriage I have heard her say her dream was to have a convertible, and thanks to this newest blessing that God gave us, that dream has come true. Most of you have seen the picture she posted on Facebook yesterday, with her hair blowing in the wind, and that beautiful smile. That is what I live for; that is my mission in life. Every time I see that smile, my heart just melts. To put a smile on the face of my beautiful bride, who has been through so much these last 1,360 days with her battle with cancer, is simply priceless; and what makes it so much more special is that I know who that gift truly came from. Each morning as the Lord and I talk about my Angel, I am always asking Him to show me how I can make her life special; to use me to bring her as much joy as humanly possibly, given our limited resources, and He will ALWAYS comes through. As much as I would like to take credit for all these things, I am simply a living vessel the Lord uses to show my bride how much He loves her; and in doing so, He is also showing me how much He loves me by allowing me to share in the joy it brings her, all while honoring my prayers.

Guys, if you are struggling in showing that special someone how much you care for them, let me suggest that you spend some time with the Lord, and let Him bless her through you. It’s not about how much money we spend; yes, I love doing the big things too. But, it’s really the day to day love we show them that really makes life sweet. It’s holding their hands as we ride down the road. Just about our entire ride home yesterday Janice and I were holding hands. Or just like every morning I carry Janice’s purse and tote bag to her car, and kiss her goodbye. Kinda like carrying our girlfriends book bag for her when we were in school. You see, the Lord showed me, yes, she is my wife, but she is still my girlfriend, and as long as I continue to treat her like we are still dating, those smiles will continue to come. I can’t speak for Janice but after being together for over 26 years now, I feel like a kid again, always trying to win her heart so that she will one day want to be mine. My mission is to make sure she always knows that she is a special gift that God gave me; and because our two hearts are now one; when her heart smiles mine can’t help but to smile back.

From my heart to yours!


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