A Heart After God’s Own Heart

Aside from my mornings with the Lord, my favorite time of the day is when my Angel walks through the door in the afternoon. The worse, is when she walks out the door in the morning. Because that means it will be at least 10 hours before I see her again. There are times when I wish we were retired so we could spend all day, every day together. That is my heart; she is my heart, and I am not ashamed to let the world know.

Why is it some people are afraid to share their hearts. If we love someone, let them know. Let them know how much they mean to us. You hear people say all the time, none of us are guaranteed tomorrow, and that is the absolute truth. If there is one positive my sons death left, it showed me, he showed me by his life, the true meaning of love. Kris stood out in our family; he was very outgoing and never met a stranger. He had this personality where people just loved him, because, Kris in a word was “LOVE.” I can’t recall a time he left my presence when he didn’t tell me he loved me. Oh, and just try not saying it back! He would confront you and make sure those same words returned to him. Even on his last day here on earth, he was dying and had fallen into a deep depression. But none of us knew it because his last act here was to be with those he loved, and made sure we all knew exactly how he felt. Story here I never asked to see his body, that was not the last memory I wanted of him. My last memory is one that I still play again and again in my mind; of him hugging me, kissing me on the cheek, and telling me he loved me. That is the memory that has kept me from going insane; because I know EXACTLY how he felt about me.

I write a lot about my feelings, thus the reason for my blog being titled, From my heart to yours. I hope this is because each day I spend with the Lord, He is changing my heart to be more like His. I want my heart to be like His heart. I realize it’s impossible to love like our God, but it gives me something to strive towards. I know the more time I spend in His presence, the more love I have to share with those He has blessed me with. And I hope my sharing will encourage others to share their hearts as well. Let’s show the world what a heart after God’s on heart looks like. We can preach til we are blue in the face, but when they see a true picture of what Jesus can do in our lives, that’s when we will see our world begin to change. The world is not looking for religion, they are looking for something that is real, and when we show them the REAL Jesus in our lives, it is then they will ask, What must I do to be saved (Acts 16:30).

From my heart to yours!


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